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Emergency Response and Transports Divisions Washington and Oregon Divisions


ALS 911 Response, Critical Care, ALS, BLS Ambulance Transports, Long Distance, Community Transport Vehicle assisting with wheelchair and client hospital discharges.

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911 Response

Utilizing an ALS Sprint rig, the on-duty crew responds to ALS 911 calls with a local Fire Department
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Patient Access Team

Utilzing the highly trained rescue teams REMS, Washington has started a Patient Access Team. This is the first step on the low angle rescue to access the patient safely and start our reach and treat with a paramedic.
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Ambulance Fleet

Having the right tools for the transport makes all the difference!
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Critical Care Equipment

Hamiliton T-1 ventilator, LP-15 monitors, IV pumps with liberal protocols and training to provide the care our partners and patients deserve.
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EMS Station

New three bedroom home, seperate 911 response garage, double ambulance bay with work out room.
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Community Transport Program

A system approach to our partnership with St Charles includes Discharge solutions for Wheel chair and stretcher transports

Providing a Level of Care needed in the rural to continue the care to a tertiary center.

Create it and they will come. Attracting Advanced providers to a rural setting is always difficult. The station is located on an amazing rural setting in a new home. The Ambulances are housed in a double bay garage with a workout room and supply room.   When the weather turns bad, the patient still needs to be transported. Providers have access to the equipment often carried by air medical providers, from Hamilton T-1 Ventilator, IV pumps, LP-15 and liberal protocols.

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Emergency Services Department Head

Michael Johnson, Director of Operations


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Ready for a new career in emergency medicine?
Adventure Medics is offering its first Wilderness Emergency Medical Responder course!!
This program is an 80-hour course running for five weeks, Monday and Wednesday from 0800-1600. This course prepares students to earn their Wilderness First Responder and Emergency Medical Responder Certificates. Successful completion of this course includes passing a final written exam for the WFR Certificate and passing the state-required psychomotor test at the EMR level. After successful completion of the course and psychomotor component, students will have to register for and pass a cognitive test run by the NREMT to earn their nationally recognized EMR Certificate. The Adventure Medics EMR Course is a state-approved course that meets the National Emergency Medical Serivces Education Standards for the Emergency Medical Responder. The Wilderness Component of this course reflects the standards set by the Wilderness Medical Association and the National Outdoor Leadership School. Please find the class schedule and more information on our website!
Fall is settling in quickly in Bend.
We still have a few busy event weekends left, and the recent hot, dry weather in the PNW has kept plenty of our fire resources busy and engaged…
But days are starting to get shorter and it’s easy to start reflecting back on the year— as always with a mix of joy and sorrow and a deep love for our community at AdvMed.