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Festival Medical

We understand the level of trust you have to have in your medical team during a festival. Let us take the worry and stress out of the equation. Along the way we can help complete your medical plan from developing mutual aid agreements with local resources to creating landing zones for incoming air transport.

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Sporting Events Medical

Adventure Medics has you covered during your next sporting event. We can provide single medics to a full blown mobile emergency room. We pride ourselves in being adaptable to any situation. Our staff won’t just be waiting in an ambulance or the medical tent for something to happen, they’ll be trail or track side looking our for your participants

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Remote Events Medical

Our medics are placed strategically in the field during the event with a centralized medical base. If something is going to happen at your event its usually not at the start/finish but rather out in the dirt! Adventure Medics utilize electric mountain bikes, ATV’s, Side by Side’s, Motorcycles, and good ol foot power to reach, treat, and get your participants to safety.

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Industrial Medical Response

Your on-call or on-site medical response team.

We understand that every employer wants to keep OSHA recordables as low as possible since any Workman’s Comp claims can add up quickly.

We strive to provide the most effective and suitable treatment for any injuries, all the while maintaining the treatment at the first-aid level to prevent any unnecessary recordables and get the employee back to work as soon as possible.

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Fire Suppression

Adventure Medics can provide fire suppression services at your next event.

Experts. High Tech. Anywhere You Are.

Customize Your Experience

We offer customized providers/equipment for any type of event! Whether your event is on the water, on the road, or in the remote wilderness, Adventure Medics has the equipment and personnel needed to ensure peace of mind. Learn more about our event medical teams by clicking below.

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Adventure Medics is an American Heart Association Training Site— that means all of our instructors have gone through the process to be certified instructor through the AHA. It also means that all of our classes— whether in person or hybrid— meet all AHA requirements. This is what most health care facilities require their employees to have. We offer competitive prices and flexible scheduling to meet your needs. And most importantly, all of our instructors are EMTs and Paramedics too— that means they understand the course material and practice it on a regular basis! Whether you’re certifying for the first time or the tenth, they’re excited to help you accomplish your goals in an effective and efficient manner. Visit our website to sign up for classes today!
This week, members of our Oregon Critical Care and ALS transport team headed to Denver to train with @airmethodsascend. It’s been an amazing week of learning, but one of our favorite highlights was the @coloradoavalanche #nhl game! Thank you so much, @airmethods for inviting us into your box and showing us an amazing time!
D I V I S I O N  U P D A T E S:
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Winter is coming! Along with tuning your skis and testing your beacon, part of your backcountry ski season preparation should include refreshing your wilderness medical skills! Want to learn how to splint your friend’s torn ACL using a ski pole and puffy jacket? Or how to recognize the early signs of hypothermia? Come join the awesome team at @sistersrecreation and take our Wilderness First Aid class this weekend! Sign up link in our stories. Missed the story? Check out our highlights tab labeled “classes”!