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Emergency Medical Services To Support Wildland Firefighters

Adventure Medics Mission

At Adventure Medics, it is our mission to exceed the highest standards of medical care on the front lines of wildfires. Our Medics are highly trained and prepared to adapt to any situation in the field. Our equipment is field tested and ready to respond to any terrain or medical situation that may occur on the fireline. We strive to go above and beyond in ensuring that firefighters, civilians, and anyone else who may be affected by wildland fires are able to return home safely and in good health.


Fireline Medics

  • Fireline qualified Paramedics, AEMTs, EMTs, RNs, and PAs
  • Equipped with ALS or BLS kits with all necessary emergency medications and equipment to handle any type of IWI
  • Our fireline medics successfully complete an arduous pack test as well as additional in-house pt testing
  • Backcountry medicine and patient extrication experience
Adventure medics

Field Tested and Equipped for Any Terrain

two off road vehicles parked on dirt road
ambulance truck parked on side of road at sunset

Line Qualified 4x4 Ambulances

  • Advanced life support capability
  • Specially equipped for extended patient care
  • 4-wheel drive with high ground clearance
Camp Medical Support

Ability to Quickly Deploy Medical Bases Anywhere Needed

Interior of medical trailer

Mobile Medical Units

  • 26′ enclosed trailer or DLX tent
  • HVAC System
  • Chairs, tables, lights, and back-up generator
  • Intensive care and clinical level medical equipment and medications
  • Over the counter medications
  • 24hr telemedicine capability
  • Starlink internet connectivity
Adventure medics

Specialty Resources

two vehicles parked on dirt road

Our highly trained 4-person Rapid Extraction Medical Support (REMS) or 2-person Reach and Treat (RAT) teams come equipped state-of-the-art ALS medical equipment, vehicle extrication tools, as well as swiftwater and rope rescue gear to facilitate complex extractions in any difficult terrain. Teams utilize a Polaris RZR with dedicated patient packaging to transport injured firefighters of the fireline.

two rafts anchored to side of river
Swiftwater Rescue Team

Our 10-person swiftwater rescue team is available for deployments anywhere to assist in rescue or recovery operations.

off road vehicle on dirt road
UTV Team

2-person ALS or BLS teams operating the newest Polaris Rangers in order access injured firefighters far down the fireline. They come equipped with all the equipment and medications they need to keep firefighters healthy.

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Interested in Becoming a Fireline Medic for Adventure Medics?

This is not your average job. Adventure Medics adheres to strict guidelines including fitness, experience, and patient care management.
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Wildland Manager

David Mull


D I V I S I O N  U P D A T E S:
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Ready for a new career in emergency medicine?
Adventure Medics is offering its first Wilderness Emergency Medical Responder course!!
This program is an 80-hour course running for five weeks, Monday and Wednesday from 0800-1600. This course prepares students to earn their Wilderness First Responder and Emergency Medical Responder Certificates. Successful completion of this course includes passing a final written exam for the WFR Certificate and passing the state-required psychomotor test at the EMR level. After successful completion of the course and psychomotor component, students will have to register for and pass a cognitive test run by the NREMT to earn their nationally recognized EMR Certificate. The Adventure Medics EMR Course is a state-approved course that meets the National Emergency Medical Serivces Education Standards for the Emergency Medical Responder. The Wilderness Component of this course reflects the standards set by the Wilderness Medical Association and the National Outdoor Leadership School. Please find the class schedule and more information on our website!
Fall is settling in quickly in Bend.
We still have a few busy event weekends left, and the recent hot, dry weather in the PNW has kept plenty of our fire resources busy and engaged…
But days are starting to get shorter and it’s easy to start reflecting back on the year— as always with a mix of joy and sorrow and a deep love for our community at AdvMed.